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Regularly move files from FTP to CIFS fileshare

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  • Regularly move files from FTP to CIFS fileshare


    I'm a n00b at BC4 scripting, and have used it in a very basic way up to now, so I was hoping one of you guru's could give me a leg up...

    I have a store network where the guys scan various documents on an MFP to a folder using CIFS on a NAS - every store has its own folder under a common root. There is a firewall between this network and where our terminalservers and user file shares are. The NAS has an FTP server, I have a server on the inside that can access both it and our file shares.

    What I need to achieve is to move the scanned files from the folders on the FTP to a corresponding folderstructure on the fileshare and do this every n minutes (n=5 or something like that). From what (I think) I can see, BC4 can be scripted to do this, but I'm a bit at a loss as to where to start. Which is where I was hoping that someone here was just waiting to rush to my aid... ;-))

    I was thinking about using Windows Scheduler to trigger the script, unless someone has a better idea, which I'll be more than happy to look into.

    Kind regards
    Kjetil Thorstensen

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    Yup, using the Windows Task Scheduler is a common method to kick off a script regularly. Scripting itself is documented in the Help file -> Using Beyond Compare chapter -> Scripting chapter.

    Script itself does not preview the sync, and cannot be Undone, so I would suggest testing with test data first while learning scripting. The script itself would be something similar to:
    log verbose "c:\bclogs\bclog.txt"
    load "e:\nasfolder\testfolder" "ftp://user@ipaddress/testfolder"
    sync update:left->right
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thank you very much for getting back to me so quickly, Aaron. It gave me the leg up I needed to get the worst nags off of my back. Now I have the time to look more deeply into automating a few other tasks as well.

      BTW: I found another post on this forum where you recommended someone using a standalone installation for use by several users on a shared platform, I suppose that tip goes for me as well, as the scheduler will run the scripts under a dedicated account on the server, not mine? It would enable the sharing of settings, like ftp server profile and so forth?



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        Thanks again - it was as easy as you made it seem, which was what threw me. A standalone installation, a single CMD file triggered by the Scheduler and one script per store does exactly what I wanted.