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Close script not working - very delayed close

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  • Close script not working - very delayed close

    Hello, I've the same problem.
    I've scheduled the sync with windows Task scheduler.
    The action is the following.

    "C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 4\BCompare.exe" /closescript @NAS09_TO_NAS02.txt

    This, the content of the script.
    log verbose append:"C:\Users\adminss\Desktop\LOGS\NAS09_TO_NAS 02\NAS09_to_NAS02_Log_%date%.txt"

    criteria binary

    load "\\nas09\storico" "D:"

    sync create-empty mirror:left->right

    This, the log generated after the first run.
    29/04/2017 14:51:33 >> log verbose append:"C:\Users\adminss\Desktop\LOGS\NAS09_TO_NAS 02\NAS09_to_NAS02_Log_2017-04-29.txt"
    29/04/2017 14:51:33 >>
    29/04/2017 14:51:33 >> criteria binary
    29/04/2017 14:51:33 >>
    29/04/2017 14:51:33 >> load "\\nas09\storico" "D:"
    29/04/2017 14:51:33 Load comparison: \\NAS09\storico <-> D:\
    29/04/2017 14:51:33 >>
    29/04/2017 14:51:33 >> sync create-empty mirror:left->right
    ********** REMOVED 13 FILE NAMES FOR PRIVACY ***********
    29/04/2017 15:07:43 Successfully synchronized 13 items. Completed in 16 minutes, 10 seconds.
    30/04/2017 04:03:09 Script completed in 13 hours, 11 minutes

    The script completed the sync in about 16 minutes, but as you can see it endeed 13 hours later!!

    Can you explain me why?
    Could it be maybe the binary criteria?

    The sync compares about 960 gb of files in a LAN environment.

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    Yes, you've got it. The script mirrors the graphical interface capabilities, so once the sync completes, the background 'criteria' determines the compare type and then compares the aligned files using that criteria. Since it's a remote location and a binary comparison, this requires downloading temporary files for the compare. Script commands are a series of sequential commands, and don't support 'looking ahead' to determine if it should end early; they mirror the functionality of the graphical interface wherever they can.

    To avoid this extra binary comparison, I would suggest performing a combination of commands similar to the graphical interface. Remove criteria (timestamp/size by default), then select and compare instead:
    log verbose append:"C:\Users\adminss\Desktop\LOGS\NAS09_TO_NAS 02\NAS09_to_NAS02_Log_2017-04-29.txt"
    load "\\nas09\storico" "D:"
    expand all
    select all
    compare binary
    sync create-empty mirror:left->right
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hello Aaron,
      I've followed your suggestion.

      However the time to sync using the binary comparison takes too long considering the amount of files to be compared (more than 6 hours, then I stopped the job).
      We are talking about more or less 680.000 files.
      I think the only solution, considering this scenario, is to use the timestamps size criteria.


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        Oh, yes, if timestamp/size is sufficiently accurate for you, it'll be a much faster scan. Binary is used when timestamp/size along is not reliable enough (due to shifting timestamps or line differences with sizes).
        Aaron P Scooter Software