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  • Folder compare THEN folder mirror

    Thanks for great tool, I will be buying atleast few licenses tomorrow, if not many.

    We need to send "daily differential data" of 100+ NAS shares from one data center to its equivalent 100+ NAS shares on other data centers. First step will be to find folders/files created/updated/deleted in past 24 hours(for these 100+ locations) and next step will be mirror ONLY those locations which have any changes. My plan was to use powershell to find data updated in past 24 hours and robocopy /MIR command. Guess this tool is better.

    Have issues in step1, where it does not capture folders or empty folders deeper in source folder. When I delete any folder in source, it should be deleted from destination as well. Similarly empty folder should be created. Normal Robocopy /MIR feature is expected.

    Step 1 : Find folders/files created/updated/deleted in past 24 hours

    criteria tiestamp:2sec
    load "\\usa_loc1\grpshare1" "\usa_loc2\grpshare1"
    #expand "\\usa_loc1\grpshare1" "\usa_loc2\grpshare1"
    expand all
    folder-report layout:summary options:display-mismatches output-to:"C:\logs\grpshare1.txt"

    Appreciate help in fixing this script so that any changes on source(compared to destination) will be captured in the output, so that I can run 'sync mirror' only for those locations.

    Code for actual mirror works as expected.

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    The Summary style is a file list without empty folders. If you use layout:side-by-side does this show the information as you expect?

    Given your description of "24 hours" do you also need to add a filter to include only items that new? This would be right before the load line:
    filter cutoff:<1days
    Aaron P Scooter Software