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Compare two files via a script

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  • Compare two files via a script


    I have read a couple of threads and haven't really found the correct solution.

    I have 2 csv files that i would like to compare these files are very large more than 20k lines.
    I can get the files to compare but here is the problem. In one of the CSV files there will be blank line
    for missing items. I can get past this using the UI and setting "use closeness matching" under Session settings -> Alignment.

    Is there an option for this within a script ?


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    This option is not directly exposed in script. If you script is loading a folder compare first, selecting files, and generating file reports on the selection, then we can use script to load saved session settings to set or unset this option. If you are using script to directly call the text-report with a file pair, this will need to use the Default Session Settings (from the Home screen, saved Sessions list, New folder, select Text Compare, and Edit the defaults).
    Aaron P Scooter Software