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My wish-list: command line field.

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  • My wish-list: command line field.

    I have been a programmer (before Windows) in what I call a previous life, so I know very well that it is too easy for other people to say that Your job is easy (can't You just recompile the program?)!
    Anyway, I have an idea that should not be too difficult to implement.
    I asked for some changes in the management of scripts, and that can be a big job.
    But, meanwhile, is it possible to add a command line field, in which I can enter script commands, one per time?
    So, I start B.C.4 in interactive mode.
    I load a session, select a sub-folder, and so on.
    Then, I want to see the effect of a command, such as "select right.orphan.files".
    I type it in this text field, and/or I select it from a drop-down menu.
    So I can enter a script file, even if one line per time, or I just type a command to check if its result is what I meant.
    If I can do this with two snapshots I can do any test without the fear of damaging anything.

    Thank You very much again and regards

    Rodolfo Giovanninetti

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    Thanks for the suggestion. If we're able to tackle this, it would likely be part of an interactive scripting helper. It's not as small a project as it may appear, as scripting always uses Factory Defaults instead of the GUI's Default values (unless load <default> is used), so there would need to be additional controls to help communicate the differences in behavior, and other various issues to tackle. It's not likely we'd be able to schedule this sooner than a general graphical helper, but I'll certainly add your notes to our wishlist entry on the subject as a useful tool.
    Aaron P Scooter Software