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scripted backup with putty?

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  • scripted backup with putty?

    Hello, I am in a little hurry to write a script that can do a backup of a remote machine.
    I can access that machine with putty.
    I believe to understand that I can access it with B.C.4, but I do not know how.
    Please, can You give me a starting point to do an automated backup of that machine with a script?
    I believe to understand that there is a putty agent, but can it be used for an automated script, when there is not a logged in user?

    Thank You very much and regards

    Rodolfo Giovanninetti

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    If you can access the machine with Putty, you might be able to load the machine using Beyond Compare Pro's SFTP support.

    Here's an example script to sync folder contents on an SFTP server to a local folder:

    log verbose c:\log.txt
    load sftp://user@server/folder c:\folder
    sync update:left->right

    To run the script, use the command line:
    bcompare.exe @c:\script.txt
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thank You very much!
      I believed that sftp was only for a server with an explicit ftp site, the provider of the server said that there is not a ftp site, so I was lost.
      Now, another question.
      You sell licenses for B.C.4 on a per user base.
      But, in this case, if I am the only one that creates scheduled tasks that run B.C.4 scripts, on different machines, how many licenses a company must buy?
      There is not the concept of human users, at least in this automated situation.

      Thank You very much again and regards

      Rodolfo Giovanninetti


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        If you're the only one creating the scheduled tasks on different machines, then you only need a 1 user license.
        Chris K Scooter Software