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Repeatedly being prompted for SSH Private key passphrase in a script BC4

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  • Repeatedly being prompted for SSH Private key passphrase in a script BC4

    First off, I'm an uber noob at this so please keep that in mind when reading and replying to my posts. Thanks

    I'm trying to create a script that connects to my webserver via SFTP and does a sync:mirror left to right between files that are local to a network server up the the web server.
    I've learned I can't script a Folder Sync so I'm now attempting to script a Folder Compare

    I've created a profile that successfully connects to my SFTP server as long as I enter the Passphrase I configured when I created my Key each time I attempt to connect. Since I'm trying to run an automatic script, this down't work for me.
    I'm expecting that if I check the Save Password box I should no longer be prompted but that isn't the case.
    And I'm thinking that because of this, when I run my script, it prompts me to enter my keyphrase again once the BC4 GUI opens.
    Please help

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    As a security measure, passphrases by design are items that require user interaction. If you need an automated key, I would recommend regenerating a key without a passphrase.

    As an alternate method, you could use Putty's Pageant (which BC4 supports), but this still requires running Pageant and Putty and it would prompt for the passphrase once on startup.
    Aaron P Scooter Software