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Delete equal files from one zip file

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  • Aaron

    I would first recommend taking the steps in the interface, to determine if the program currently aligns all content (by folder and file name) as you expect, and that we are correctly finding the equal items and different items. The default scan is timestamp/size, and we can load two .zip files in the Folder Compare as if they were folders.

    Scripting does not offer a preview before it commits an action, and BC4 does not support Undo after a delete, so it is strongly recommended to test any scripting on test files first to prevent loss of data while learning the application.

    A simple script would:
    log "c:\temp\bclog.txt"
    load "c:\" "c:\"
    expand all
    select all.exact.files
    delete all

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  • wimdevriendt
    started a topic Delete equal files from one zip file

    Delete equal files from one zip file

    I am comparing two zip files. I want to delete all equal files in one zip file. How can we do this with scripting?