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  • Compare Multiple Files to Master

    Is there a way to compare multiple files in a folder to a single master file and combine the results into a report?

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    Not in a single pass. The Text Compare reports you can generate would be a single pair of files at a time (Master to 1, Master to 2, Master to 3, etc). From a Folder Compare, this would be done with a selection of the two specific files to generate the report on, right click, then use the File Compare Report (Text Compare Report) command.

    This could also be done with scripting, but requires knowing the file paths, and passing the file names into the report.

    The other workaround method I can think of: If the Master file were placed in a Master Folder and renamed/duplicated to have the same file names as the destination side (1,2,3,etc), then it would auto-align with those files due to matching the name. You could then Select All and generate the File Compare Report on the full selection, which is 1 (Master renamed) <> 1, 2 (Master renamed) <> 2, etc. This would require generating the Master file duplicates.
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