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  • Help with html folder compare


    I am fairly new BC user. I am running BC 4.1.3 on Linux. I wrote a script that'd compare two folders and generate a html report with links.

    here's the script:

    log verbose logfile%date%.txt
    criteria rules-based ignore-unimportant
    load %1 %2
    expand all
    filter "*.xsd;*.wsdl"
    select diff.files orphan.files
    folder-report layout:side-by-side &
    options:display-mismatches,include-file-links &
    title:"%3: diff report" &
    output-to:"/report.html" &

    Script is working well overall. Html diff reports are being generated. But in the report, when I click on a link to see side-by-side comparison for individual files, I see only the differences in red. I'd like to see full text of the both files with the differences highlighted in red.

    What should I do ?

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    Could you retest this with BC 4.1.4? I used your test script on my Linux system, but it is behaving as you describe: the linked Text Reports are showing the full content. Would it be possible to post or email the generated report folder zipped? You can email us at and include a link back to this forum thread for our reference.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron, I just sent you guys an email with the generated report folder zipped. Thanks,.


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        Thanks. I found where this option is controlled. The child Text Reports are using the default session settings which include the current Display Filter. If you open a new blank Text Compare session in the graphical interface, then switch to Show All, the script generated text reports will also use Show All. The parent folder report uses the defined script option.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Hi Aaron, that worked. Thanks. So, seems like the script reads some configuration in the UI setup. They are not independent of each other?

          I have one last problem:

          When I am doing the folder compare and point to a root folder and configure the script to compare all files in root and subfolders, the generated report shows both the files that are different as well as shows the full directory structure. Is there a way to only show the files and not the containing folders names?

          Thanks for your help.


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            They are dependent in this case. Enhancing our scripting is on our wishlist.

            The Summary layout type would be a list of files without the folder structure. You can use the GUI to experiment with the different layouts and options (which allows you to quickly alter and preview reports). Script can then be configured to use the same set of options once you've found the report you need.
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              Probably I will need some hand-holding

              While on the GUI, I do get the reports the way I want (ie, without the folder structure displayed). In the UI, I am using the options "ignore folder structure". I need the same functionality in the script as well. What am I missing?


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                Ignore Folder Structure is a comparison view that can impact the compare. This removes all subfolders, so any file name will match to another equal file name on the other side, regardless of the subfolder it is in. If this is the type of compare you need, we can help configure script to match. Changing the compare will also be reflected in generated reports.

                Otherwise, the layout:summary report (or, in the GUI with View menu -> Compare files and folder structure), generate a Session menu -> Folder Compare Report, Layout: Summary. I believe this is more likely the route you'd want to go as the folders are still important for the alignment, but the report will list file names.
                Aaron P Scooter Software