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Script to evaluate data moves

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  • Script to evaluate data moves

    We are moving data between servers, and do so at the rate of 1000 separate directories a day. We script this, and use BC4 to manually compare the old location to the new one. I have been rummaging around to find out how to script it up so that a txt file with the old location and new location listed that can be used to compare Left Orphans then copy the Left Orphans to the new location.

    Much help appreciated.

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    Our standard Sync Update would copy Orphans and Newer from the Source to the Destination, or do you need to limit it to only Orphans?

    Assuming only Left Orphans, a script would look similar to:
    bcompare.exe "@c:\bcscript.txt" "c:\foldersource" "c:\folder2"

    using the bcscript.txt:
    load "%1" "%2"
    expand all
    select left.orphan.files
    copy left->right

    Please test with test folder locations first, as there is no method to preview script before it runs, and no way to Undo the action after it has run. If you need to filter for specific items, please create the filter in the graphical interface first to preview it, then copy and paste the filter string in the upper right toolbar into the script with quotes, as:
    filter "*.*"
    where *.* is your new filter string. The filter command would appear right before the load command.
    Aaron P Scooter Software