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Compare snaphot x 2 output to 3rd snapshot?

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  • Compare snaphot x 2 output to 3rd snapshot?

    Using a script, I'd like to load two snapshot files, and output the differences to a third snapshot file.

    I can do it in the GUI, but haven't been able to do it in a script. Following seems close, but no bcss file is generated:

    log verbose "%1"

    option confirm:yes-to-all

    # Compare using crc.
    criteria crc

    # Load current files against snapshot from the last patch.
    load "%2" "%3"

    # Expand to affect subfolders and files.
    expand all

    # Select updated files.
    select right.diff.files right.orphan.files

    #Capture directory contents to snapshot file
    snapshot save-crc save-version no-filters expand-archives output:"%4"

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Thanks for posting. Which steps do you take in the interface to get the snapshot you need (specific folders loaded, Actions or button clicks taken)? The Snapshot command in the interface is largely identical to the script and is not based on the selection, so I would be curious how you are obtaining the snapshot in the GUI, which we can then try to replicate in script.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Here's what I've been doing.

      1. I have a batch file that calls a script that creates a snapshot of a folder structure in it's initial state, let's call it Prebuild.

      2. After the folder is populated with new content, I have a second batch file which calls the snapshot script, and creates a file we'll call Postbuild.

      3. I open BeyondCompare, and drag the Prebuild snapsshot onto BeyondCompare - it opens in the left panel.

      4. I drag the Postbuild snapshot to the right panel.

      5. I click on the Diffs icon

      6. I click on the "Ignore folder structure" under the "Structure" icon.

      7. I click on the "Expand" icon

      8. I filter *.bcss files and a folder called "Scripts"

      9. Under "Tools", I select "Save Snapshot"

      10. I select "Right Base Folder".

      11. Under "Include", I select "CRCs", and "Empty Folders"

      12. I save the snapshot as something like "Inventory.bcss"

      That yields a .bcss file that I hope to compare to other inventory snapshots.


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        Is "Items Excluded by file filters" checked in your above steps? You don't mention it, but this would be a big difference between your script and GUI steps. "no-filters" in script would enable this option, and bypass any filters (storing the excluded items) as part of the snapshot.
        Aaron P Scooter Software