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  • Output Report Rows Limitation


    Currently we using Beyond Compare to compare csv files and create output reports with differences in HTML. Sometimes it could be that we have a lot of differences, report size of such comparision is huge (100-600MB). Of course it is hard to work with such html, but in this situation we ususally interesting in first 100 differences. Is it possible to compare whole csv file but limit rows count in output report to solve the issue with very big reports?

    Thanks, Roman Badironyi.

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    Not directly. The comparison is defined to have Important and Unimportant Differences (Unimportant can then be hidden), and the report is configured to show everything or just differences. If there is a criteria that can define some differences as Important or Unimportant, you can then enable the Ignore Unimportant Differences toggle before generating the report. The Data-Compare does not have a method of limiting by Row number, but the Text Compare could consider only the first X lines as Important, but these are the first X lines of the file, not the first X different lines.
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