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Dynamic Column Selection for HTML Differences Output

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  • Dynamic Column Selection for HTML Differences Output


    I have BC4 up and running.

    I have defined a Session to compare two CSV files of known name. I have defined a script which invokes that session and performs the DATA-REPORT command, outputting a Differences file in HTML (interlaced).

    The Script is invoked nightly as part of our regression pack, comparing the same file created from distinct application environments (Production vs. Staging).

    The HTML output seems to be very tightly coupled to the columns selected in the Session, which causes us a problem. If the files differ on the "Quantity" column today, I can select that in the Session view through the UI and subsequently Quantity will appear in the HTML differences output. But tomorrow I will see the Quantity column in the diff, and I may not see the Price column in which a new difference exists.

    The files I diff have approx 100 columns, so just blanket inclusion of ALL columns makes for unreadable and sizeable Diff files.

    My hope was that Script would allow me dynamically to select the columns, e.g.:
    - all Key columns
    - plus "Description" and "Type" columns (which are non-Key but help with diagnostics)
    - plus all "Differing" columns, which I cannot know at the time I author the Script

    Even if I could not do that with Script, I had hoped I could configure that in the Session.

    I suspect this is not do-able today (if it is please show me how). I would like to know one way or the other, and I'd like to see this as a forthcoming feature if possible.

    Many thanks, Robin.

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    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. We do not currently support altering the visibility of columns in scripting or automatically based on the comparison of the column data. Both of these items are on our Customer Wishlist, and I'll add your notes and workflow to our entry on that subject.
    Aaron P Scooter Software