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Option to prevent error dialog in unattended script?

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  • Option to prevent error dialog in unattended script?

    I'm trying to make a script that will run as a scheduled task. I don't want any interactive dialogs, only to exit returning errorlevel.

    I have a case where the error dialog "A Fatal Error has occurred: Unable to load base folder. The script will now exit." appears and requires an OK click.

    In the BC4 help, I see "option stop-on-error", but it seems to be defaulting to on. I don't see "option do-not-stop-on-error".

    I tried option confirm yes-to-all / no-to-all, but in either case the script still shows the dialog.

    I see the commandline option /silent, but I would like to have the status window available while debugging.

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    /silent is the only method of suppressing a fatal error dialog. In cases where the script needs to continue, /silent in combination with a log command as the first line of the script are often used.

    The stop-on-error is for smaller, file operation errors, and not a fatal error like failing to load a base folder.
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      OK, thanks.