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Bug: Copying certain "app" folders causes FC to freeze and ruin files

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  • Bug: Copying certain "app" folders causes FC to freeze and ruin files

    Set up:

    Backup from mac HDD to an external drive with NTFS. The mac has an NTFS driver to enable writing to NTFS volumes, Tuxera NTFS for mac:

    Most copy operations to and from the NTFS external disk proceed with no problems.

    However, I have experienced sudden freezes when I try to move certain app containers to the external drive. After the operation the app container is left in a "destroyed" state.

    To be specific I have tried to move

    "WD SmartWare Software Installer for"
    (freely available for download at,

    FC reports "unable to open [a filename]" in red text and stalls with the rainbow wheel. (two error lines)

    Only way to exit is to hit option-cmd-ESC and select BC.

    If the volume I copy to and from is apple formatted there are no problems.

    I think it has to do with symlinks in the app containers.

    Either way, FC should be able to handle this, by fixing the way to copy the attributues (or whatever) correctly or refuse gracefully without destroying the containers.

    I enclose the dump report from halting the BC app via option-cmd-esc.

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    Thanks for the report. We're in the process of setting up some test machines we could use to install extra drivers like this; once done we'll be able to investigate.
    Aaron P Scooter Software