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BC Mac command line issues

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  • BC Mac command line issues

    I am *most* interested in using beyond compare on the command line. My first attempt to use it this way certainly did not work:

    open -a "/Applications/Beyond" --args file1 file2

    does get it to open, but it shows the files as: /file1 and /file2 (respectively) and a File Not Found error in both panes. This is definitely a bug

    This would definitely be my preferred way of invoking bc via the command...

    I've had more success thusly:

    /Applications/Beyond\ file1 file2 &

    Some issues with this:
    1. App starts as bottom-most window (i have to shift-cmd-tab to get to it)
    2. There's a spew of messages into the command shell:
    TCarbonWidgetSet.DCSetAntialiasing Error - invalid DC = 0!
    TControlCanvas.CreateHandle WARNING: accessing the canvas of :TUiEditorWindow is not supported outside of paint message

    /Applications/Beyond\ file1 file2 & >/dev/null 2>&1 still has output in the shell, and:

    /Applications/Beyond\ file1 file2 >/dev/null 2>&1 does suppress shell output but now the shell is on hold while bc is in use...

    As I said, the open -a... method would be my preference if possible. My intention is to wire git to use beyond compare as the difftool.


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    I should further note that the app seems quite unstable when invoked directly via the BCompare executable. I've had it freeze on me 3 or 4 times while checking this all out...


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      If you launch the interface once, the Beyond Compare menu -> Install Commandline Tools option will install a 'BCompare' and 'BComp' to use on the command line, instead of using the .app folder.
      Aaron P Scooter Software