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  • Reproducable crash reporting box

    Build 16628 with settings set for open new in a window, not a tab.

    Getting "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window."

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Do a directory compare.
    2. Choose some .c file with a difference. Opens new window.
    3. Click on "Rules" in the toolbar of the new diff window.
    4. Choose "Format" tab on top.
    5. Choose any other tab on top.
    6. Again choose "Format" - Bingo, crash report dialog box pops.

    Crash report box data sent via email to support@...

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    Thanks for the report. Following this set of steps, I am not seeing the same crash reproduce on my system. Could you re-email us without an attachment at ? I am also not seeing the crash report; it might have been blocked by spam filters due to the attachments. Please include a link back to this forum thread in the email for our reference.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Interesting. I've been able to duplicate it on two different machines. I think you may have received the crash report (got an email back from you thanking me for the report), but I didn't reference this post in it (hadn't made it yet ).

      Here is the crash report from the second machine I made it happen on this morning. I'll send it via email without the sanitization also.

      BcVersion: 4.0 beta (pro build 16628)
      BcExe: /Applications/Beyond
      BcSettings: /Users/********/Library/Application Support/Beyond Compare

      8/29/13 11:37:41
      UUID: *****
      Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window.
      $00069353 TCUSTOMFORM.FOCUSCONTROL, line 234 of
      $00048C98 TWINCONTROL.SETFOCUS, line 5554 of
      $000FDD89 TUIPAGECONTROL.CHANGE, line 8005 of UiComCtrls
      $000201D6 TOBJECT.DISPATCH, line 592 of
      $000485DF TWINCONTROL.WNDPROC, line 5327 of
      $00036A04 DOCONTROLMSG, line 2986 of controls.pp
      $0004BC0C TWINCONTROL.WMNOTIFY, line 7112 of
      $000201D6 TOBJECT.DISPATCH, line 592 of
      $000485DF TWINCONTROL.WNDPROC, line 5327 of
      $004BFE63 DELIVERMESSAGE, line 117 of lclmessageglue
      $0051D812 TCARBONTABSCONTROL.VALUECHANGED, line 932 of carbontabs.pp

      SysName: Darwin
      NodeName: cosmos.******.***
      Release: 12.4.0
      Version: Darwin Kernel Version 12.4.0: Wed May 1 17:57:12 PDT 2013; root:xnu-2050.24.15~1/RELEASE_X86_64
      Machine: x86_64


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        Thanks. I had just sent that as well. The descriptor there was you hit the error clicking through Preferences, and you also see this launching child sessions and going to the Session Settings? I showed the stack trace to a developer and they think they can track this down.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          This may just be a name confusion, but when you say "preferences", I think of the dialog that comes from the command-, key sequence. Just to be clear, when I say "rules" I mean the little football referee icon on the toolbar.

          You probably understood and hit the right button, but I just want to "make sure".


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            Right for both of those. I initially read 'settings' as Preferences in your first report, but now assume you mean the Rules button and the other Session Settings (also in the Session menu -> Session Settings). Could we get an email with your from the Beyond Compare menu -> Support dialog; Export?
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              Just emailed the file for the 1st machine. I'll send the other one in the morning when I'm back at the other machine.


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                With Version 4.0 beta (build 18291) this is no longer happening for me.