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  • Command Line Tools dialog suggestions

    It seems I can never quite remember whether and where the CLI tools are installed. The only way I found to "remember" the path is to reinstall them, because the installation success dialog looks like the only place that says where the tools are installed.

    Having to reinstall them every time isn't that big a deal for me, since I have permissions, but I'm guessing that this could be a problem for others.

    Also, once the dialog is open, I can select the text and copy it to the clipboard using the context menu and the mouse. I cannot use Command+C, which is actually a bit annoying. A related issue is that it's actually kind of hard to select the text correctly, because there's a colon at the end of the line, so you have to be really very precise, which can be difficult with a trackpad.

    So I have a few suggestions:
    1. Add a Command Line Tools section in the Options pane that lists the paths of the various command line tools.
    2. The section should also say whether the command line tools are actually installed. The first time I reinstalled them, I wasn't quite sure if I'd already installed them, until I ran through the process again.
    3. Put a button to (re)install the tools on that section instead of on (or at least, in addition to) the File menu.
    4. Make it easier to copy the paths. Remove the colon, make it so that clicking the field selects the text automatically, and/or add a "Copy" button next to the text. Also, support Command+C.
    5. Support installing the tools to a folder that does not require extra permissions.

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    Thanks for the ideas. I'll add them to the wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Kaleidoscope has a very nice, polished SCM integration window (screenshot below). It gives you an overview of which integrations are installed and working, and for many systems, it will even automatically configure the integration for you (and it also provides the recommended settings if you want to do it yourself).