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Feature request: Possibility to change folder view while copying or moving

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  • Feature request: Possibility to change folder view while copying or moving

    When you copy or move items in folder compare you can not change the folder until the process is complete.

    But I would like to be able to browse the folders from the same window even while BC is copying or moving.

    So I suggest it is made possible.

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    PS: I know that a workaround is to make a new session, but I'd like to do it from the window I am working in.

    PPS: If you select Sessions->New->Folder Compare in the drop down menu (icon) the same behavior as clicking to a new folder occurs (i.e. the copy/move process will be aborted)
    However, if you do it from the top menu: Session->New Session->Folder compare a new empty compare window opens.

    I suppose the last PPS should be filed as a bug(?)


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      Thanks for the suggestion. This is something we'll consider but won't likely make it into the initial release. The current tasks are aborted if you move away from the current session by loading new Base Folders.

      The current Base Folders dictate the items currently acted upon and are a central concept for the Session. Changing them is a major change and would initiate a recomparison, current file name filters might not apply if not defined generally, etc. To browse around and view files, you can expand items, or Select them, Right click, and Compare in New view.

      The other behavior you are seeing is not a bug. The Sessions dropdown toolbar is designed to replace the current tab with another session (new or otherwise). It is the only control that allows this behavior, as all the others (Session menu -> New Session, Tab, Window, etc) will launch a new tab or window.
      Aaron P Scooter Software