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Feature request: Tagging of files and folders being copied/moved

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  • Feature request: Tagging of files and folders being copied/moved

    When moving (or copying) files or folders from one side to the other in folder compare, I sometimes select more files for copying afterwards. If the first move process hasn't completed, I can accidentally select the same files again.

    This will not cause a functional error except that the process that reaches these files or folders last will report that they are missing.

    Another thing is that if you have hundreds of files and folders it gets confusing at some point (and waste of time) to find and select files again that are already destined to be moved or copied.

    I suggest that file or folder names in folder compare that are selected and in active queue for copying or moving are shaded. Items in queue to be moved should be grayed (like "Cut" files in Windows Explorer) while items in queue for copy should be something else (like green to prevent mixing with other tags)

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    Improving our reporting and interface for current background tasks is on our Wishlist. In the meantime, please note that selecting and acting on the same file multiple times will issue those actions for that file.
    Aaron P Scooter Software