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BUG: Not all files are moved when selected.

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  • BUG: Not all files are moved when selected.

    I have several times seen that after a folder compare, the selected files on one side are not all copied/moved to the other side.

    There are no error messages, but only some of the files and folders are moved (The status bar says something like "Sucessfully moved XX files and folders", where XX is the actual number of elements moved).
    When repeatedly selecting move to left in the right-click menu eventually gets all files and folders copied (the selection is not lost)

    I have not found a pattern to this except that the destination folder contains many files and folders.

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    Are the files currently filtered out? If you select a folder with filtered items then those filter items are not copied (unless the option to include filtered items is used).

    If you see it crop up again, please also double check Finder to make sure the items were not copied. Another possibility is it might be a refresh issue in BC4.

    If you attempt to re-copy one of the problem files, does it then copy over successfully?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I used a simple compare to copy new files from one side to the other. No filters other than the default.
      Just right-clicking again and selecting move or copy resumes and moves or copies more files (already selected). After several rounds (no additional files or folders selected in the process) all files and folders are eventually processed.


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        Could you go into more detail on the two sides? What folder locations are they? Local folders, external devices, Network shares, FTP?

        After the first failed copy, did you get a chance to double check the destination to see if the items had indeed copied, but failed to display as copied in BC4?
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          It was a clean up process on my external drive. Both dirs on the same external drive.
          I didn't do the check, but after repeating the status bar indicated that so-or-so many more files or folders were successfully moved (corresponding to the next batch of items moved).
          I will check again tomorrow when I have some more files I'll tidy up.


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            I have tried again with more files. This time on the local drive.

            The setup was about 30 folders each with between 20 and 200 files inside.

            After starting the move only one folder was copied. I checked the destination and found that all 30 folders had been created, but only one populated (the one that was shown as copied in BC). Right-click and Move-to-right again moved the rest of the folders with contents.


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              Thanks for the report. We have not been able to reproduce this in house, yet, but it may be linked to the current view showing a selection of everything, but not actually having everything selected. The subset of the actual selection is then what is copied.

              We're looking into it, but if any other users are seeing similar issues please report here. If anyone comes up with a reliable, or semi-reliable reproduction case, please let us know. OSX version information may be important.

              Which version of OSX are you currently running?
              Aaron P Scooter Software


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                I forgot to followup on this. The version is the current, 10.8.4


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                  This is still an issue in the latest alpha release, but please keep an eye out on it with each release.
                  Aaron P Scooter Software