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Feature Request: Mac mode of enabling rename

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  • Feature Request: Mac mode of enabling rename

    When you click and hold the mouse over a file name in Finder in mac, the file name can be changed directly.

    It would be nice if this standard feature was also good in BC4mac.

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    I'm not familiar with the Click and Hold method. I am able to get OSX to Rename by clicking, then clicking into the file name area. Is there an option I would need to enable to see the click and Hold behavior?

    Clicking to activate a Rename is something we do want to tackle, as we currently support this functionality in BC3.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      no, this is exactly that what you describe. What I would like is the same behavior as in Finder.


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        I find the click, re-click method to rename in Finder problematical and sometimes have a problem getting the file to rename. The right-click functionality in BC4 seems fine to me. Since most applications don't support this kind of functionality anyway it seems to me that there is no defacto standard.