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"Compare Contents" dialog very slow, perhaps locked up

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  • "Compare Contents" dialog very slow, perhaps locked up

    Steps I took, reproducible:
    • Start saved folder compare
      (Using SFTP connection on left, local folder on right)
    • Stop the automatic comparison using the toolbar stop button
    • Highlight subset of files and folders
    • Right-click for context menu
    • Choose "Compare Contents"

    At this point, the app appears to hang, all UI elements are greyed out, including the window close box. Most importantly, the cancel button is greyed out, giving no options but to wait or force quit as even the Quit menu command does not function.

    I checked the activity monitor and noticed the app was still using 0.4% of my CPU load, and something was transferring data at a very slow rate (400 Bps). The line in the dialog reading "Scanning folders: Waiting" eventually started to read through the folders on the server, but very slowly. I gave up and force quit after 10 minutes. I have a 6Mbps connection so a folder scan should not take very long at all.

    This is my first report, should I provide any other information?

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    Thanks for the detailed report. I have managed to reproduce similar behavior and will open a tracker entry to investigate.
    Aaron P Scooter Software