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"Ctrl-N" key binding for "Next Difference Section" doesn't work correctly

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  • "Ctrl-N" key binding for "Next Difference Section" doesn't work correctly

    1. Open Text Compare for two files with some differences
    2. In the preferences, under Commands, scroll to "Next Difference Section". Bind the Ctrl-N (^N) key.
    3. Save
    4. Back in the text compare, click on the file path text box (at the top) and press Ctrl-N. Notice that it jumps to the 1st difference in the file.
    5. Put the cursor in the actual text area and press Ctrl-N again. Notice that it just moves the cursor down a line, rather than jumping to the next difference.

    If I bind it to Cmd-N instead of Ctrl-N, it seems to work just fine. But Cmd-N is already taken for "New" so I'm not sure I want to override that.

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    This may be happening because ctrl+n is bound by the operating system to be "next line" in all text boxes. Likewise, ctrl+p goes to the previous line, and ctrl+a and +e go to the beginning and end of the line.


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      Thanks for the report and the information. We'll look into this.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Default keybindings for cntrl-<letter>

        ⌃ A move to the beginning of the paragraph moveToBeginningOfParagraph:
        ⌃ B move backward moveBackward:
        ⌃ D delete forward deleteForward:
        ⌃ E move to the end of the paragraph moveToEndOfParagraph:
        ⌃ F move forward moveForward:
        ⌃ H delete backward deleteBackward:
        ⌃ K delete to the end of the paragraph deleteToEndOfParagraph:
        ⌃ L center the selection in the text area centerSelectionInVisibleArea:
        ⌃ N move down moveDown:
        ⌃ O split the current line (insertNewlineIgnoringFieldEditor:, moveBackward
        ⌃ P move up moveUp:
        ⌃ T transpose letters transpose:
        ⌃ V move one page down pageDown:
        ⌃ Y yank back ‘killed’ text yank: