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"New Session" should open in a new tab

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  • "New Session" should open in a new tab

    If I have a session open, and go to Session>New Session, it replaces the current session instead of creating a new tab or window. This is unexpected, especially since it doesn't ask for confirmation before wiping out the old session. Could sessions opened from the session buttons be opened in a new tab instead?

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    I agree with that.
    I just had a long compare session wiped out.

    Other than that it is running beautifully so far.


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      Are you certain you are using the Session menu -> New Session -> <Selecting a Specific Session type: Text Compare, Folder Compare, Etc>? I am not seeing that behavior in my own test environment.

      Selecting the specific session type from the Session menu -> New Session submenu should launch a new tab. As would Open Session, or many of the other commands in the Sessions menu.

      The Session toolbar button, however, is different. This toolbar button that has a briefcase icon does replace the current tab with what is selected. It is the only tool designed to have this behavior.

      Would you be able to confirm if you were using the Session menu or the Sessions toolbar button?
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Yeah, it actually was the toolbar button. Could it also open things in a new tab?


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          That's not likely a change we would implement. It's come up back when it was first designed and introduced with BC3. The toolbar button is in fact the only method of replacing the current tab. Every other command would launch a new tab or window.

          If you would like a New Tab, I would recommend launching with a keyboard shortcut (Session menu -> New Tab), which immediately presents the Saved Sessions list, which can then have the session picked from it.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Ok thanks. I'll just hide the toolbar button then so I don't get confused