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    We'll use this thread to post announcements of new releases. At the top of the post under "Thread Tools" is a "Subscribe to this thread" option that will allow you to get email notifications whenever we post here.
    ZoŽ P Scooter Software

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    v4.0.0.15899 released

    * Added "New Session" commands to dock tile menu.
    * Top-level dialogs now remember their size and position.
    * Fixed "Font" dialog crash on 10.7/10.8.
    * Fixed "Color" dialog not updating preferences.
    * Fixed report Print Preview when there isn't a printer available.
    * Fixed "Check for Updates" support and ability to automatically install a new version.
    * Fixed "Install CLI Tools" command.

    Note that although Check for Updates has been fixed in the release, it wasn't working in the previous version, so you'll need to update manually this time. Just overwrite the existing .app with the new one.
    ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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      v4.0.0.16121 released

      * Changed distribution from a .dmg to a .zip.
      * Merged toolbar/menu/shortcut configuration into a single Preferences panel.
      * Added support for using third-party applications for file comparisons ("External Application" file format).
      * Improved appearance of viewer tabs, toolbars, and misc other controls.
      * Fixed opening file comparisons when $TMPDIR was set to an unexpected value.
      * Fixed stream read error in data compare
      * Fixed crash when closing a viewer tab.
      * Fixed Finder integration on OS X 10.8.
      * Fixed folder compare inline rename edit appearing in the wrong spot.
      * Fixed picture compare performance when changing image offsets.
      * Fixed menu item checked state not being initialized properly.
      * Fixed session button and FTP timezone edit not closing their dropdown windows when clicking away from them.
      * Added context menu to toolbar past the end of the buttons.
      * Fixed hints appearing on wrong monitor if a monitor was connected while BC was running.
      * Tweaked "Install Command Line Tools..." caption and behavior.
      * Updated with fixes and enhancements from 3.3.8.

      Check for updates should work. We are trying out a .zip instead of a .dmg for new downloads though; the first time you launch BC it will ask to move itself into the Applications directory if it isn't already there. We're interested in hearing how this goes and what your opinion is compared to the .dmg image (assuming we fixed the icon issues).
      ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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        v4.0.0.16335 released

        The "Home" view and Preferences dialog have both been overhauled for this release, so please give us any feedback you can on them. We also added a new set of "Unimportance" settings to the Text Compare session that allow you to match arbitrary text and mark it as unimportant, separate from the file format's grammar.

        * Overhauled "Home" view tab with new appearance and behavior, toggleable session editing support, and a search edit.
        * Overhauled "Preferences" dialog. Added search edit, simplified top-level page list, moved less frequently used preferences and tweaks to a scrollable "Advanced" tab.
        * Added "Unimportance" settings to Text Compare's "Importance" session settings page. Supports matching arbitrary text and marking it as unimportant, separate from the file format's grammar.
        * Renamed "Data Compare" session type to "Table Compare".
        * Moved Hex Compare's layout/wrapping settings from the Preferences dialog to a "View -> Layout..." menu item.
        * Moved Table Compare's "Details resize columns to fit" from the Preferences dialog to an "Auto Resize Columns to Fit" command in the line details context menu.
        * Bug fixes (see full ChangeLog on download page).
        ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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          v4.0.0.16378 released

          * Added labels showing selected session's base paths when the Home View editing interface is hidden.
          * Added icons to various combobox dropdowns.
          * Fixed horizontal scrolling using a trackpad or mouse wheel.
          * Fixed focus switching away from listboxes when using arrow keys and fixed some issues with "Full Keyboard Access".
          * Fixed crash when launching a comparison with the Home View's session editing interface open.
          * Fixed Text Merge drawing glitch with detached output window.
          * Fixed issues with new Preferences dialog.
          ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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            v4.0.0.16447 released

            v4.0.0.16447 released

            • Added "Include links to file reports" option to the Folder Compare Report's Side-by-side HTML output.
            • Folder Compare's "Other Filters" now supports multiple filters of each kind.
            • Improved folder compare responsiveness when performing file operations.
            • Split folder browse buttons to switch between the system-provided dialog and the FTP browse dialog.
            • Fixed "Too many open files" error when performing content comparisons against FTP/SFTP sites.
            • Fixed Folder Compare's Sync preview's "Just Selection" checkbox.
            • Fixed folder compare not immediately applying filename filters when they're selected from the dropdown list.
            • Fixed Hex Compare crash when showing "Big Endian Values" in the context menu.
            • Fixed support for international characters on FTP sites that use MLSD to get directory listings.
            • Various other fixes (see download page).
            ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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              v4.0.0.16628 released

              v4.0.0.16628 released
              • Regular expression engine used for Find & Replace is now based on PCRE.
              • Various fixes for FTP and SFTP connections. FTP profiles now escape usernames and passwords containing '@', '%', and '/' as '%40', '%25', and '%2F', respectively. Any saved profiles or sessions using those characters may need to be edited or recreated.
              • Color preferences can now be imported/exported separately from other settings.
              • "Import Settings" dialog now has an option to "import" the program defaults to overwrite any user customizations.
              • Added ability to drag windows to move them using the background areas of the tab control and toolbar.
              • Fixed folder compare's 'Move to Other Side' to correctly detect cross-volume moves, which fixes cancelability and progress reporting when moving directories.
              • Fixed text compare's "Replace All" command replacing on both sides even if only one side should be affected.
              • Changed behavior of various "Search" commands to make them consistent with each other and to fix some minor bugs.
              • Various other fixes (see download page)
              ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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                v4.0.0.16750 released

                v4.0.0.16750 released
                • Overhauled Picture Compare.
                • Text Find/Replace interface is now an embedded panel in the comparison window rather than a separate dialog.
                • Added "View Patch..." command to Tools menu to view diff/patch files using the text compare.
                • Changed Picture Compare's "Tolerance" comparison algorithm to always use grayscale to show images.
                • Added a new text compare algorithm choice based on Bram Cohen's Patience Diff.
                • Other tweaks and fixes (see download page).
                ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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                  v4.0.0.16821 released

                  v4.0.0.16821 released
                  • Significantly expanded the number of commands with keyboard shortcuts.
                  • Assigning a keyboard shortcut will now override the focused control, so things like Ctrl-N can be assigned to Next Difference.
                  • Added support for using 'bcomp' to wait for folder comparisons/syncs on the command line.
                  • Added "Advanced" panel to text compare's Find panel with "Sides" selection, "Close automatically" checkbox, and "Select All" button (when Full Edit is disabled).
                  • Added support for Objective C to the "C/C++/C# Source" file format.
                  • Added "Move Both" command (hidden by default) that swaps two files in the folder compare.
                  • Numerous enhancements/fixes to "View Patch" viewer.
                  • Fixed support for keyboard shortcuts when using international and Dvorak layouts.
                  • Other tweaks and fixes (see download page).
                  ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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                    v4.0.0.16971 released

           - November 15, 2013
                    • Added Linux release.
                    • Preferences dialog now applies settings immediately instead of showing Ok/Apply/Cancel buttons.
                    • Added support for the find pasteboard (cross-app Find text) and added "Use Selection for Find" command (Cmd-E).
                    • Added support for dragging sessions into folders in the Home view.
                    • Changed "Copy File to Left/Right and Open Next Difference" keyboard shortcuts to Ctrl-Alt-Arrows to fix conflict with "Select to Beginning/End of Line".
                    • Added ability to launch the bcomp/bcompare command line apps using sudo.
                    • Added support for editing "locked" files.
                    • Added Shift+Left/Right Arrow to folder compare to shift the selection between left/both/right.
                    • Added "Close Window", "Close All Windows", and "Close Other Tabs" commands to "Session" menu, and fixed Command-W shortcut so it closes non-viewer windows (e.g., Preferences dialog).
                    • Using the Services menu "Select left File/Folder" commands now returns focus to the previous application.
                    • Moved command to restore default settings to the Tools menu instead of as an option in the "Import Settings" dialog.
                    • Text compare's "Replacement..." dialog will now use any active selection as default replacement text.
                    • Improved text compare's Find panel behavior for keyboard users.
                    • Fixed session settings dialog's initial size and minimum constraints.
                    • Fixed issues copying lines that ended with a non-ASCII character.
                    • Fixed editor support for Ctrl-F, Shift-Ctrl-A/B/E/F, Shift-Del, and Shift-Backspace shortcuts.
                    • Fixed quickly launching multiple comparisons from the command line so they all open as tabs instead of opening multiple instances/windows.
                    • Other tweaks and fixes (see download page).
                    Tim T Scooter Software


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                      v4.0.0.17036 released

                      v4.0.0.17036 released - November 26, 2013

                      This release fixes our beta timeout behavior and pushes the drop dead date out to January. The previous releases will stop working on Monday, December 2nd. If you haven't updated by then BC will immediately quit without showing anything and you'll need to download the new release manually. We're sorry for the short notice and inconvenience.

                      Download Beyond Compare 4
                      • Fixed beta expiration so it shows the Check for Updates dialog instead of silently closing or crashing.
                      • Added 'Reveal in Finder' command to Open With menus.
                      • Windows only: Updated unrar support to handle RAR5.
                      • Fixed Hex Compare crash.
                      • Fixed Check for Updates crash when there isn't an Internet connection available.
                      • Fixed alpha blending of PNGs in Linux build.
                      • Fixed Linux .deb package.
                      ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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                        v4.0.0.17432 released

                        v4.0.0.17432 released - December 20, 2013

                        This release is what we intend to release next week as the first public beta. We're especially interested in any crashes or serious issues that crop up, along with any feedback on the new FTP profile support.
                        • Added support WebDAV servers, Subversion remote repositories, and Dropbox's cloud storage.
                        • Added ability to name and organize FTP profiles and load them based on the name instead of matching user@host.
                        • Copying files now copies extended attributes and the resource fork.
                        • Added support for importing Beyond Compare 3 settings.
                        • Removed buggy built-in PDF-to-text support on OS X and Linux and switched back to Xpdf's pdftotext on Windows.
                        • Fixed crash on startup on OS X 10.9
                        • Windows: Fixed size of various graphics on high DPI (retina) displays.
                        • Linux: Fixed .deb's libbz2 dependency.
                        • Other tweaks and fixes (see download page).
                        ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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                          v4.0.0.17440 released - Public Beta!

                          v4.0.0.17440 released - December 23, 2013

                          We've just released build 17440 as the official public release. The beta website is now at and it and the beta forums are open to everyone.

                          Feature-wise, what's there is largely what we intend to launch, but we're still planning plenty of fixes and polish in the next few months, so keep your feedback coming.
                          • Fixed text comparisons taking significantly longer than BC3.
                          • Fixed toolbar buttons so clicking on them and then dragging off before releasing the mouse doesn't trigger them.
                          • Fixed slow startup on OS X 10.9.
                          • Fixed crash when copying between two Dropbox folders.
                          • Changed beta drop dead date to February 28th, 2014.
                          ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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                            Now that we've released a public beta we will be making new version announcements in the top-level News & Announcements forum instead of this thread. You can subscribe to the forum instead of a specific thread to get email notifications, and RSS feeds are now available on a forum by forum basis.
                            ZoŽ P Scooter Software