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  • Non-Standard folder selector

    This feels rather minor, but there is a non-standard folder select dialog box that pops up when you click the "browse for folder" button. See attachment. It would be ideal, if this could be the OSX standard folder select dialog box. (Like the one that is used when you click the "open file" icon.) I feel lost for a few moments when I do not have access to my osx side bar of Devices, Shared, places, etc.


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    That's a known bug that they mentioned in the release notes.


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      We're going to be re-working that dialog, but unfortunately we can't use the platform provided one because we need support for FTP browsing. We're also considering merging folder and file browsing together in certain cases. I will look into adding at least a subset of the sidebar though.
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        @svec - Right you are, I should have re-read them before posting. I missed that the first time through.

        @Craig - Thanks, for looking into adding the sidebar.


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          @Craig - As you work on the folder dialogue, also keep in mind there is a need for access to and clear identification of "shared" resources, such as NAS drives. One of the main uses for the Windows version, for me, is to access two NAS system over SAMBA. One of the NAS systems is a kind of failsafe image / backup for the other NAS. I use BC to compare folders from one NAS to the similar folder on the other NAS, and use BC to basically find any new content that is on the 'primary' NAS and have BC sync right, basically a copy of new and updated stuff to the second NAS folder for safe keeping.

          Thanks for working on this. BC 4 Mac beta looks pretty good, but the ability to easily find and select samba shares, NAS shares, other disks, etc, is key. I'd happily give up FTP browsing to get back the standard dialogue (if it were a choice between the two).

          Thanks for your hard work and I am very excited to see a Mac version.
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