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Folder compare: Ignore filenames that differ on a character

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  • Folder compare: Ignore filenames that differ on a character

    I am trying to sync up multiple music folders and their files. Some files use apostrophe in the filename and the comparable other file uses an underscore. For example,

    "Can_t keep it in.m4a" vs "Can't keep it in.m4a"

    I want these 2 files to be treated as equal based on the filename.

    How can I change Beyond Compare to allow this?

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    BC4 Pro has a feature called Alignment Overrides in the Folder Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, Misc tab. Setting up a rule for this specific change could be a little tricky, so I'd recommend testing with the trial (if you are on Std edition and want to test it out):

    The Alignment Override can define a mask for the left name, and can use tagged expressions (not a mask) for the right side. Or a DOS Mask

    For this specific example, the simple mask would be:
    but this would only align files with a single swap. You would need an additional defined Alignment Override rule for each number of potential _ with ' characters. You could also try to tackle this with a very complex RegEx, but if you only have maybe 6 _ at most per file name, 6 separate alignments would be way quicker to define and use:
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      I had already purchased the pro version license. Thank you for your help. That worked perfectly!
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