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OneDrive Subtree Comparison, Without Triggering a File Download?

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  • OneDrive Subtree Comparison, Without Triggering a File Download?

    My BC session settings always use a file metadata comparison (the default I believe) rather than comparing the actual file contents.

    If I run a BC comparison against a OneDrive subtree which has local file placeholders, but is otherwise only in the cloud (i.e. I have run "Free Up Space" on the Mac) then the comparison triggers OneDrive to download all the files, even though the contents of the files are not required for Beyond Compare to complete the comparison.

    I suppose this is a bit of a corner case, but is there any way to run Beyond Compare that doesn't trigger a OneDrive file download, when the comparison is based on file metadata?

    Dave Ings

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    I'm able to repeat this behavior on MacOS specifically, although I can 'block' the app (via a prompt or Options) from downloading and it then works as you expect.

    On Windows 10, the icons of these files in Explorer remain "in the cloud" even after loading them in the BC4 Folder Compare, and doesn't download them. I'll open a tracker entry to see if this is something we can accomplish on MacOS, or if how BC4 is accessing them is meant to be blocked or allowed.

    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks. Interesting to learn the comparison on Windows 10 is behaving as one would expect.

      My use case is a 90 GB subtree with hundreds of directories, and thousands of files, that rarely changes but does occasionally. It would be nice to "banish" it to the OneDrive cloud, freeing up 90 GB on my Mac, except for the issue you have reproduced.

      Dave Ings