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Switch from non-Retina to Retina creates black scroll views

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  • Switch from non-Retina to Retina creates black scroll views

    I haven't had a chance to try to reproduce this, but I experienced the following problem:
    1. Launch BeyondCompare on a non-Retina external display connected to my MacBook Pro at work.
    2. Hide BeyondCompare.
    3. Take the laptop home.
    4. Connect the laptop to a Retina external display.
    5. Switch back to BeyondCompare.
    6. The scroll views that contain all the comparison text are now completely black.
    Exiting from BeyondCompare and relaunching solved the problem.

    BeyondCompare Version 4.3.2 (build 24472)
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    We had some fixes related to a changing bit depth crash in BC 4.3.3. Do you still see this issue occur in the newest release? You can update via Check for Updates in-app or download direct from our website:
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      That looks like it was the problem (and not the Retina change like I thought). I was able to reproduce the problem in 4.3.2 by moving from my external (10 bit) Retina display to the internal one. In 4.3.3, the problem is gone.