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Properly configuring bc4 for git on MacOS

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  • Properly configuring bc4 for git on MacOS

    I'm trying to set up bcomp as my git diff/merge tool but no matter what I try has not beein successful. I started with the sticky topic for installing the .gitconfig file on MacOS but running "git difftool" still wants to launch opendiff.

    Using git difftool -t bcomp always says "Unknown merge tool bcomp" but it is in my path and I can running "bcomp" by itself from the terminal works fine.

    What magic sauce am I missing here?

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    It sounds like you did use the Beyond Compare menu -> Install Command Line Tools, since it works from the Terminal, but I'll just double check quick.

    Usually, if there is a .gitconfig issue, there are often multiple .gitconfig levels (in a global location and a user location or a project location) and the current instance is using an unexpected version. Or, if the changes were recent, it might still be using a cached version, and restarting can help pick up the new edits.

    Is this the sticky topic you found?

    Are you using the Git install from or another VCS that includes Git (like Git Fork or SourceTree)?
    If you are still having trouble, can you post the code snippet of your current .gitconfig? Or email us at (and if so, include a link back to this forum thread for our reference)
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hmm, oh - I think I was overthinking it. I got confused because I'm NOT using bc3.

      But I did this:

      git config --global diff.tool bc3

      And it works fine. I got caught up with trying to make it work with "bcomp", not bc3 - as bc3 is not a tool installed on my machine!


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        Ah, nice. Newer versions of Git can use the "bc3" or "bc" keyword instructions, depending on the version of Git. Defining the entire cmd isn't necessary unless using a very old version of Git.
        Aaron P Scooter Software