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Functionality Request: Remember Space/Desktop

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  • Functionality Request: Remember Space/Desktop

    Would it be possible for Beyond Compare to remember which space/desktop it was on after macOS reboots? Some other apps do it, and it would be awesome not to have to move the app to its rightful space/desktop after each reboot. Thanks for considering!

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    Thanks. You can set to save the Workspace on Close and load on Open. To set up an auto-save and load, go to the Beyond Compare menu -> Preferences, Startup tab, and set a workspace name in the "Load workspace" on startup, and the same name for "On exit, save workspace as".
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Aaron Thanks, I got around to trying this out. I completed the steps and did a quick test of just exiting BC and then opening it again. BC loads in the middle of the current space/desktop each time, as opposed to the position it was in or in the space/desktop it was last opened in. Am I doing it right?


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        Thank you for reporting the issue, this is a bug in Workspaces in Beyond Compare 4.3.2. I'll add it to our bug list to be fixed.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Thank you! I definitely look forward to this update.