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The latest Version 4.3 (build 24364) for Mac does not work

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  • The latest Version 4.3 (build 24364) for Mac does not work

    Try open more than one session window, it either freezes or soon crashes.
    Sometime it crashes even with only one session window open.

    My MacOS majove 10.14.6
    Where can I download the previous version?

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    You can email into and we can help send an earlier version. However, we may not be able to fix these issues without help troubleshooting. We've had a long BC4.3 beta, and while we are still working out a few bugs here and there, it's been pretty stable for most users. There are a couple of known crash stack traces/reports, but if there is no report it may be a different issue. Your issue may be a specific workflow, settings, or hardware combination that is causing the instability you are seeing, and we'd could use your help and information to track it down.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Same here. I had freezes and lockups within 20 secs of upgrading. Restored v4.2.10 from my app archive and all problems went away.
      Nothing is perfect. Will wait for new update.

      That said, when on earth will BC for Mac enable drag & drop functionality in the folder compare screen. To move files to a diff folder visible in the window is a horrifically inefficient, time wasting exercise involving 10 keystrokes and operations .... just awful. Scooter could improve human interface efficiency many fold in I would say is it's most common use case for the installed base of purchasers.


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        BC 4.3.3 has fixed most of the 4.3 beta issues. If you are still having trouble, I would suggest the above instructions for emailing.
        Aaron P Scooter Software