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Last monitor is not remember in the beta Version 4.3 beta (build 24241)

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  • Last monitor is not remember in the beta Version 4.3 beta (build 24241)

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to see if there is a fix for the issue or if it is a bug.

    I have a MBP with two external monitors and have the laptop opened for a third screen. When I launch BC from git, it will always launch to the laptop screen. The previous release would "stay" on the screen where you moved it, so anytime you'd launch, it would open on the last screen that you would have dragged it to.


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    Would this be testing in the most recent Catalina beta with all updates applied, or Mojave? And the issue only occurs if you execute from Git, and not directly from the command line using 'bcompare file1 file2'. Are you calling from the git command line tool using difftool, or using another git related program like SourceTree?

    The current expected behavior will launch any dialogs (like the quick compare "Files are Equal/Different" on the laptop/primary display, and the Text Compare window itself will remember it's last position. In the next release, we plan to update this so the dialog appears on the Current display, and the Text Compare window remembers its last screen. To confirm, the main Text Compare window is also re-appearing each time on the laptop, even after dragging it over to another screen? If you drag once, then Quit the program (right-click the Task bar icon to fully shut down) does this help?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Sorry, Aaron, I missed your reply.

      This is running on Mojave, and I am running it from the command line via git difftool/mergetool.

      I have tried quitting from the menu and cmd-q, and the Text Compare still shows up on the laptop screen, not on the last screen.

      Let me try launching it from the command line.


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        A couple of other things that might help with trouble shooting:

        1) Is it all windows, or just ones that are maximized/fullscreen/normal state?
        2) If you open finder to your Home directory and navigate to Library/Application Support/Beyond Compare, does deleting/renaming BCState.xml make it start working again?
        ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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          The multi-monitor positioning bug you reported is fixed in Beyond Compare 4.3.4, available on the download page.
          Chris K Scooter Software