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  • Files deleted while syncing

    BC 4.2.9 on MacBook Pro running Mojave
    Hi, while syncing during a folder compare session with an external hdd on a mac, I deleted files in the external hdd by mistake. A whole life's history in photos. Is there any way to undelete? What happens when BC deletes a file during a sync? Does it just erase the entry in the file system, like in "send to trash"? I looked at the .Trashes/501 folder and it's empty. Any help, including recovery software that has worked, is much appreciated!

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    Beyond Compare doesn't provide an undo or undelete command for the Folder Compare or Folder Sync session type. The Folder Compare sync mirror command will delete files from disk, it does not move them to Trash. The Delete command in the Folder Compare has a check box in the confirmation dialog to delete to Trash, but the box isn't checked by default.

    You might be able to recover your files using a deleted file recovery program. I've only recovered deleted files on Windows, so I can't recommend a specific product. A quick search turned up Disk Drill as a suggestion, but I've never tried it myself.

    Disk Drill:

    If the files were very important, then you might want to consult a deleted file recovery service for help. We haven't used it ourselves, but one such deleted file recovery service is Gillware.


    The important thing is not to write data to the drive where the deleted files were located until recovery is complete. If you start writing new data to the drive, it might overwrite the location where the deleted files were stored and prevent recovery.
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      Thanks, Chris. I've quarantined the hdd. I'm in Brazil, so an out of the country service is not an option. Disk Drill came up on my search as well.