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  • Filters settings: Need Help Please

    I have a question about file type filter settings (or how to input the formula to hide certain file types). I am running BC4 4.2.4 (Build 22795) on my MacBookPro running Sierra 10.12.6. I also run BC4 4.2.8 64 Bit (build 23479) on my CD ripping PC running Windows 7 Pro with all updates.

    I am comparing large volumes of music files, specifically FLAC, ALAC, or MP3 files, I'm comparing the files on my NAS for backup to a Seagate 4TB USB drive. In the past I started noticing a .DS Store file that created a comparison difference on the both Windows and Mac versions of BC, I created a Filter for that and that seems to hide those files but now I'm also noticing a .@__Thumb file showing up on the Mac side. The strange thing is it only appears on the Mac side and specifically on the Seagate USB drive which is formatted for Mac OS X Extended (journaled). Please see the attached screen shots of this file and my attempt to create a filter which unfortunate is not hiding these .@__Thumb files. The formula you see in the screenshot was copied and pasted into the Mac version BC from the Windows version.

    Any thoughts on what that file is and why I can't filter it out? Your assistance is appreciated. Thank you.

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    If you "rename" the .@__thumb folder, are there one _ or two __ in the folder name? And is there a matching number in the Filter? If you right click and Exclude an item, then edit the new Excluded filter, this is another way to add to the filter list. Thumbs.db are automatically generated Windows files for thumbnails (usually hidden by default in Explorer). I'm not as familiar with .@__thumb but is this looks like a similarly generated folder for MacOS. Does double checking your filter help exclude it?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks Aaron, so I didn't even realize that the .@__thumb item was a folder, so in the Filter settings I manually typed in .@__thumb in the Exclude Folders section , selected "also update session defaults, selected OK and boom, the @__thumb folders were hidden. Please see the attached screen shot, I'm not sure where the -._* item came from. Here is the formula that resulted from what is in the Filter setting boxes: -*.DS_Store;-._*;-.@__thumb;-.@__thumb/
      Also, are you saying that by right clicking on an item and selecting Exclude that is what is populating the Exclude Files section of the Filter settings and adding it to the presets? And how would I delete a Filter if necessary? Thank you for the help, much appreciated.

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        Yes, right clicking will auto-populate the text directly into the Exclude Files or Exclude Folder text boxes of this dialog tab. To delete, you can delete the line of text that was inserted, or edit it.

        BC4 does not have any exclusion File Name filters by default, so you may have typed ._* into the Filter toolbar, typed it in the Name Filters tab directly, or used Right-click Exclude once earlier. If you ever "Updated session defaults" it would have propagated as a new default for future folder compare sessions.

        I hope that helps clear up how the Name Filters work, but if you have any other questions please let us know.
        Aaron P Scooter Software