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Crash everyday on Mac using 4.2.3 trying to select folder to compare

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  • Crash everyday on Mac using 4.2.3 trying to select folder to compare

    I'm a long time user of this application on Windows and I swear to everyone it's the best thing ever. The reason why I'm so an awesome efficient developers. But I can tell you that on Mac 10.13.2, it crash so often you should consider the application to be a beta release. I can reproduce always! Like starting a new session then selecting the folder to compare it will crash when clicking the button to show the folders.

    It's also not working with Finder integration like "Service - Left folder to compare". It's really an after thought not tested on Mac. Shame on you fake Mac developer that worked on this!

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    Thanks for the report. We aren't seeing this level of crashing with the newer versions of MacOS or BC4. A couple of quick tests:

    1) Do the issues persist after a reboot?
    2) Back up your current settings with the Tools menu -> Export, then use Tools -> Revert to Factory Defaults and restart the application. If this does not improve, does it help to close BC4, fully delete your settings Users/username/Library/Application Support/Beyond Compare/, then relaunch BC4?

    BC4 does have two different Finder right-click menu solutions. The Services menu (under System Preferences -> Keyboard section) is an older method that should work. We also have an item under System Preferences -> Extensions for newer versions of MacOS. I'd recommend trying to disable services and enable the extension, then reboot. However, any issues here might also be related to whatever is causing such extreme stability; I'd recommend fixing the constant crashing first before we dive into fixing the context menu.
    Aaron P Scooter Software