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App 4.2 Updates Issues

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  • App 4.2 Updates Issues

    When using BC before on my network drives for copying, moving or deleting it was never an issue. But since upgrading to the newer version(s) I am having issues with:

    1- accessing the network drive, I often now get a spinning pinwheel. Sometimes this leads to the app crashing. Sometimes I get to make both network folder selections then the app crashes. Sometimes it just works.

    2- when accessing the network drive to select the folder which I want to work with can sometimes take a long time. When the folders to appear, trying to scroll up/down the list takes a long time. Sometimes it just hangs there.

    3- Once I have done what I needed to do with a folder on the network drive and I want to delete it, sometime it deletes but most often now it does not siting a message "Unable to delete /Volumes/Volume_1-2/iPad Pictures: Directory not empty". In which case I now have to either start deleting the subfolders or files beneath it from the root of that folder and then try again to delete the root folder. If that did not work, I now just go to FINDER and delete the root folder without any issues.

    When I was using 4.1 I never had any of these issues.
    I am running this on a MAC Book Pro (w/touch bar) and OSX Sierra. I was using the same version of OS for both versions of BC.

    Some Network drives are smb mounts and some are afp mounts. It does not seem to matter which type.

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    Thanks for the report. We'll need to investigate and get some more information from you. In the meantime, you can email us at and we can get you a copy of 4.1.9 to also re-test with. Please also include a link back to this forum thread in the email for our reference.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Additionally, you have pre-mounted the drives, are you loading base folder syntax of /Volume/path? Or are you using direct smb:// or afp:// syntax in our base folder path? Is this a NAS device, and if so has it been rebooted recently?
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Thanks for the prompt reply.

        Always as good practice, I keep a copy of the original software before upgrading. I have already returned the MBP w/touch bar to the 4.1.9 version.

        Now oddly enough when I went to delete BC from the user's applications, there were 3-different versions of BC there. I have attached a screen capture of what was there and judging from the file dates, 4.1.9, and 2-4.2.X versions. It would not let me delete BC 2 and BC 3 from the applications as it said some extensions where still in use. Using an App delete program I was able to delete them and reboot. Then fresh install 4.1.9 along with installing my license.
        Additionally I believe the BC that I was running at that time was version

        I always say move to the application folder when I do the install and this time the install is in not in the User's applications but in the main Applications.

        For the previous items:
        1- seems better with the 4.1.9.
        2- seems better with the 4.1.9.
        3- has not reoccured with 4.1.9 at all.

        For the recent questions:
        - The NAS drives are always pre-mounted following a boot up; they are mount using smb:// or afp://;

        - I always open up BC, then use the Browse File System and select the drive from the left tree view where everything is listed. Then double click to select to reach the next level or just the root of the volume with select. Both methods (root or sub folder from the root) for 1 & 2 were causing issues.

        - I did not reboot the NAS drives when I was experiencing the issues. But since I installed 4.1.9 I did reboot the NAS drives.

        I will delete the 4.1.9 and download and install the newest version again and test and advise.
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          Here is what I did:

          1-un-installed 4.1.9, drag from Applications to the trash, emptied the trash.
          2-downloaded latest 4.2.22384; unzipped and installed moved to Applications. Yes move to Applications, not User Applications. Checked and yes it was.
          3- mounted 2-root NAS Drives (both SMB), expand and collapse worked OK.
          4- with the current folder comparison, changed the right view to load a different NAS drive (SMB type) and got the spinning coloured pinwheel and the slow and sluggish view to the point where it is extremely difficult to make a folder selection.
          4A) Try to move the view up or down and it pauses then moves and when you want to move it again it will pause and move with the coloured spinning pinwheel.
          4B) Finally got to made a selection then a long delay and then an app crash.
          4C) Saved the crash report along with the pointer to the crash report file.

          I will email 4C items to the provided email address rather than post them here. (hope that is ok)


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            Yes, email is great. Please also include a link back to this forum thread in the email for our reference.

            And one scenario that can cause the crash is clicking the Browse button. The Browse button has a dropdown control to launch either Browse Using Profile or Browse Using Filesystem (and remembers the last used); which dialog are you launching to see the hang and sometimes crash?
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              Running 4.2.2 Build 22384
              MAC Book Pro w/touch bar, OSX Sierra 10.12.5

              Here are my typical steps:
              - Launch BC
              - select Folder Compare from the home screen
              - left pane, folder icon from the drop down, select Browse File System, from the pop up select the NAS drive as presented, select the volume, folder....
              - If I get my left pane selection, then right pane, folder icon from the drop down, Browse File System, from the pop up select the NAS drive as presented, select volume, folder....

              I never type directly into the file path, always folder icon, browser file system not Browser using Profile.
              I rarely use the file path to select a previous last used.

              All NAS drives were rebooted before the post that had send email with 4C and the same with the MAC.
              Typically whenever I un-install software after emptying the trash and ejecting the mount, I reboot the computer.

              I do keep my OS Sierra current with OS updates as they come up and there was a recent update yesterday which brought me up to the version listed above.