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  • BC4 OS X services

    Hi there!

    Does anyone knows where are the BC4's services stored, the ones that are shown on the Finder's contextual menu?
    I would like to add "Compare Folders" to the Finder's toolbar, if possible.

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards

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    BC 4.2 beta adds this ability. To control which options are shown, launch BC4 and go to the Beyond Compare menu -> Preferences dialog, Startup section. It may be necessary to restart the application or your computer to apply the changes.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      But will this 4.2 beta add the service to the System or user Services folder under the Library?
      There are a lot of services available inside the Finder's contextual menu but they are not showing up in any Services folder in the System structure.


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        Ah, BC4.1.9 supports entries in the Services submenu, while BC4.2 adds items to the Finder context menu on the top level. Compare Folders is already an item in the Services submenu when right clicking on a folder. The "Explorer Integration" option in our Preferences dialog would add these items (and more) to the top level of the Finder context menu.

        For items to appear in services, the Beyond Compare should be in the main Applications\ or user's Applications folder. MacOS scans .app in the Applications\ folder for services options and then adds these to the Services context menu.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Sorry if I'm not explaining my point correctly.
          I already have my workflow running, selecting two folders and right clicking, going down to Services and hitting the Compare Folders option. What I would like to achieve is the ability to drag that specific service to the Finder's toolbar so it would be easier to the workflow but I can't find that service, or any of the BC services, nor any other app with services, inside the folder Services that is located under the user/Library or Macintosh HD/System/Library folder. I've already created a shortcut for this service anyway.


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            Inside the Beyond is an Info.Plist that defines the services, and we also have an .appex. I do not believe either of these supports a drag and drop, or needs to be moved to another folder. MacOS scans the .app for these resources and is already able to use them from within the .app. In order to appear on the Toolbar, I think we'd have to perform some extra development, like Dropbox, to appear in the Customize Toolbar dialog. But are you able to use these resources to get BC4 to appear on the toolbar?
            Aaron P Scooter Software