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BC4 Traversal Order?

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  • BC4 Traversal Order?

    I've always been a bit mystified by the order BC seems to scan directory trees. It seems to skip around a lot. Is there any explanation of this traversal order and any way to control it?

    Since BC4 often craps out on me when doing very large directory compares, I would very much like to be able to traverse the directories in an order that makes it easier for me to restart it and omit those directories that were successfully completed on previous attempts. i.e. a strict depth-first pre-order traversal, based on the sort order of the current view (or let me independently specify a traversal sort orderóname, size, modified date_time, etc., ascending or descending).

    Finder copy operations are carried out in this order, making it easier to continue with the remaining files/folders after the Finder aborts a copy operation.

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    BC4 is multithreaded, with threads both building the comparison and running the scans. This is generally top-down-ish, but isn't exact b/c of the multiple threads. Folder colors update to show which items have been scanned or not.
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