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Any way to add "Quick Look" (Command-Y) functionality?

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  • Any way to add "Quick Look" (Command-Y) functionality?

    Like the title says ... is it possible to Quick Look an item from within BC, without using "open with associated app"?

    Maybe with a custom command?

    Or can this be added natively?

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    I found a way:

    Options > Open With > Add
    and use command line:
    qlmanage -p '%f'

    ... but would be nice if it were native...


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      Thanks for the Open With definition. That's actually a great way to add this support into BC4, and you can assign a custom hotkey to it as well, such as Apple+Y.

      In fact, I'll probably update our KB article Open With examples with this.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        I'm going to reiterate the request for this to be native. Although it's better than nothing (and thanks for danzg for the method), there are two things wrong with the above:
        1. You can't close it the same way you open it, i.e. I assigned the normal Cmd-Y hotkey, so Cmd-Y will open the QL window, but unlike Finder, Cmd-Y won't close the window again. You actually have to use Space for that.
        2. You can't use Space for the hotkey because Space is already reserved by BC (although I still haven't figured out what that little blue box means or does).

        This should be built-in to BC, please, and thank you!


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          Thanks for the feedback on the command. I'll open a wishlist entry to investigate if we're able to more natively integrate this command. In the meantime, you would need to use your (customized hotkey) to open, and Space to close.
          Aaron P Scooter Software