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Compare Folders from Services Menu no longer working

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  • Compare Folders from Services Menu no longer working

    I am not sure what changed, but all of sudden, comparing folders using the Services context menu is no longer working.

    Beyond Compare is not running.
    Select a folder in Finder and right-click to bring up context menu. I then select Services > Select Left Folder for Compare. Beyond Compare is started automatically.
    I then select another folder in Finder and again right-click to bring up the context menu. I then select Services > Compare Folders.

    In the past, Beyond Compare would then display the contents of each folder in the Folder Comparison window.

    However, now when I repeat the above steps, Beyond Compare displays a window with the following title "New Text Compare - Text Compare". Both sides are empty, and the drop down edit box at the top of each pane displays "Enter filename here" in grayed out text.

    I don't know if this issue was introduced in the last update, or if something got corrupted in my settings. Although I have not changed any of the settings for Beyond Compare in a very long time.

    I use this functionality quite a bit so it would be nice to be able to get it back. Right now I have to manually create a new Folder Comparison and manually set each folder path.


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    Thanks for the report. Which version of BC4 are you currently running and which version of OSX? In my test environment, the services menu is working ok. If you test with two test folders on your Desktop/, does the location of the folders impact if the Services menu works?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      It's worse than just the context menu failing. I believe the recent release just breaks folder compare period. You can crash it from the command line even. I've emailed this to the support email as well and sent a crash report to them.

      1) Open terminal window
      2) Type "bcompare" or "bcomp"
      3) Click the folder compare icon
      4) You're crashed.

      BcVersion: 4.1 (pro build 20575)
      BcExe: /Applications/Beyond
      BcSettings: /Users/###/Library/Application Support/Beyond Compare

      9/24/15 09:45:06
      UUID: 3D29E5BB-6E94-314B-BADA-7A1930DAA198
      TControl.ChangeBounds loop detected :TUiLabel Left=1205,Top=25171,Width=40,Height=13 NewLeft=1205,NewTop=25196,NewWidth=40,NewHeight=13 .

      Crashed Thread (MainThread) BackTrace:
      $0005240C BCompare ($00010000) TCONTROL.CHANGEBOUNDS, line 667
      $000597A8 BCompare ($00010000) TCONTROL.SETBOUNDS, line 3678
      $00565E15 BCompare ($00010000) TCUSTOMLABEL.SETBOUNDS, line 480
      $005C5489 BCompare ($00010000) TTOOLBAR.WRAPBUTTONS, line 978
      $005C3CC9 BCompare ($00010000) TTOOLBAR.CONTROLSALIGNED, line 160
      $00120ACF BCompare ($00010000) TUITOOLBAR.CONTROLSALIGNED, UiComCtrls line 9975
      $0004AB97 BCompare ($00010000) TWINCONTROL.ALIGNCONTROL, line 6316
      $0005770D BCompare ($00010000) AUTOSIZECONTROL, line 2846
      $00057740 BCompare ($00010000) AUTOSIZECONTROL, line 2848
      $00057740 BCompare ($00010000) AUTOSIZECONTROL, line 2848
      $00057740 BCompare ($00010000) AUTOSIZECONTROL, line 2848
      $0005749E BCompare ($00010000) TCONTROL.DOALLAUTOSIZE, line 2896
      $00044ED4 BCompare ($00010000) TWINCONTROL.DOALLAUTOSIZE, line 3513
      $0005F4CD BCompare ($00010000) TCONTROL.ENABLEAUTOSIZING, line 5458
      $0005F4BD BCompare ($00010000) TCONTROL.ENABLEAUTOSIZING, line 5456
      $0005C2A3 BCompare ($00010000) TCONTROL.SETVISIBLE, line 4298

      Mach Thread 4355 (PThread: 2953318400) Stack Trace
      $9982BCCE libsystem_pthread.dylib ($99825000) start_wqthread + 30

      Mach Thread 5635 (PThread: 2953392128) Stack Trace
      $90211532 libdispatch.dylib ($9020E000) _dispatch_mgr_init + 0

      Mach Thread 8455 (PThread: 2953924608) Stack Trace
      $9982BCCE libsystem_pthread.dylib ($99825000) start_wqthread + 30

      Mach Thread 18707 (PThread: 2954457088) Stack Trace
      $9982BCCE libsystem_pthread.dylib ($99825000) start_wqthread + 30

      Mach Thread 23595 (PThread: 2954989568) Stack Trace
      $9982BCCE libsystem_pthread.dylib ($99825000) start_wqthread + 30

      Mach Thread 22591 (PThread: 2959192064) Stack Trace
      $9982AFA3 libsystem_pthread.dylib ($99825000) pthread_cond_wait + 48
      $00033E39 BCompare ($00010000) INTBASICEVENTWAITFOR, cthreads.pp line 814
      $00028097 BCompare ($00010000) BASICEVENTWAITFOR, line 275
      $003D3032 BCompare ($00010000) THREADFUNC, line 129
      $00033620 BCompare ($00010000) THREADMAIN, cthreads.pp line 288
      $998265FB libsystem_pthread.dylib ($99825000) _pthread_body + 144
      $99826485 libsystem_pthread.dylib ($99825000) _pthread_struct_init + 0
      $9982BCF2 libsystem_pthread.dylib ($99825000) thread_start + 34

      SysName: Darwin
      NodeName: Cosmos.local
      Release: 13.4.0
      Version: Darwin Kernel Version 13.4.0: Wed Mar 18 16:20:14 PDT 2015; root:xnu-2422.115.14~1/RELEASE_X86_64
      Machine: x86_64


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        There is something specific with your current configuration that is leading to this state. Can you email us a copy of your current from the Beyond Compare menu -> Support; Export? Please include a link back to this forum thread. We should then be able to reproduce this and track it down.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          It looks this problem occurs when the "Home Button" has been removed from the folder compare toolbar

          Select view = Folder Compare
          In Command section re-enable 'Home' in Toolbar

          If I set it false then I can repeat the crash. Re-enabling it and the crash disappears. I'll be working on fixing the crash but until then it can be avoided by enabling the Home button in the toolbar.
          David J Scooter Software


          • #6
            This crash is fixed in Beyond Compare 4.1.2.
            Chris K Scooter Software