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Finder dialog not showing hidden files and folders

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  • Finder dialog not showing hidden files and folders

    I have not managed to get the Finder dialog to show hidden folders and files, which is a real pain.

    In order to get it to work in other applications, I have applied this setting:
    defaults write -g AppleShowAllFiles -bool true

    which has worked, with TextWrangler for example. But not with BC.

    Is there a different mechanism in BC?


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    Beyond Compare doesn't provide a way to show hidden files and folders in the Browse dialog. Hidden files and folders that begin with a dot in the filename will display automatically in the Folder Compare, you don't need to turn on a setting to make them display.

    To set a hidden folder as a base folder, load a parent folder that isn't hidden using the Browse dialog, then right click on the hidden folder and select "Set as base folder".
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      In Beyond Compare 4.1.2 that we just released, hidden file and folder behavior will follow Finder's setting to show/hide hidden files.
      Chris K Scooter Software