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Thumbnail view on diffing multiple files

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  • Thumbnail view on diffing multiple files

    I keep encountering an issue where in BC on OS X, the thumbnail view won't load. I'm able to produce this behavior on a second tab when I diff multiple files.

    I'm using Perforce P4V and OS X Mavericks, and my general procedure to reproduce the problem is:

    - In P4V, select two or more files that differ from the committed versions.
    - In right-click context menu for the files, "Diff Against Have Revision".
    - First tab in BC, everything's fine. Second tab, the thumbnail doesn't render properly (see attachment).
    - If I toggle the view off and back on, via View -> Thumbnail, then it renders.
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    Thanks for the report. This is a bug in the current version when calling multiple file views in quick succession. We're looking into what it would take to get this fixed.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I'm seeing this behavior with the thumbnail view in BC 4.1.1 (build 20615) on linux (Linux Mint 17.2 KDE 64-bit to be exact).

      I use Beyond Compare as my diff/merge tool for SmartGit, and this only seems to happen when Beyond Compare is already showing a diff, so the new comparision goes in a new tab. One other behavior I noticed when this happens is that normally the tab for the new comparison becomes the "active" tab, but when this happens the previous "active" tab remains active.

      Anyway I didn't realize I had the easy workaround of toggling the thumbnail view off and back on, I'd been closing the tab and re-diffing the files.


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        Thanks. This is still an open issue we need to work on. We appreciate the additional scenario/test case, and I'll add these notes to our tracker on the subject.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Is this still an open issue? Only, I'm seeing it on Linux 64 bit build

          An easy work-around is simply to hit F5 to refresh the view though.


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            Thanks for the update. It is still open, but I'll bump it a bit with your notes.
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              The thumbnail bug is fixed in Beyond Compare 4.2 beta.

              Beta page:
              Chris K Scooter Software