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Can't change read-only file attribute on USB disk

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  • Can't change read-only file attribute on USB disk

    I have a USB flash disk (formatted as MS-DOS (FAT32)) containing windows files copied from a CD. They are Read-only files as a result.

    I have selected one file and brought up the ATTRIBUTES dialog, which shows more file permissions than DOS does.

    The permissions shown for this file have ticks "enabled" in READ, WRITE, EXECUTE in each of the permission sets for owner, group and other.

    I can toggle any of the attributes till I am blue-in-the-face :roll eyes: but cannot remove the READ-ONLY from the file.

    The status window says "9/08/14 3:18:39 PM Unable to set mode of /Volumes/USB DISK/HIRES/BACKGRND/B0101.PSD: Operation not permitted. 9/08/14 3:18:39 PM Failed to set attributes on 1 items. Completed in 0.03 seconds.".

    As a consequence I cannot delete any of these files.
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    FAT32 devices on OSX are always Read, Write, Execute (RWE), and cannot be changed, hence attempting to change hitting an error message. On Windows, the Attributes dialog controls the Windows attributes like Read-Only and System. On OSX, the Attributes controls who has access to the files, and does not control the "Read Only" flag. Read controls which Users can open/view the file.
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