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Current file attributes not showing in attributes dialog

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  • Current file attributes not showing in attributes dialog


    The file attributes dialog is a little confusing and less than intuitive.

    I have a USB flash drive with windows files which were originally copied from a CD. They are showing up as read-only which is expected….

    I expected the Attributes dialog would show the current permissions for the selected file…. that way I knew the settings "now" and therefore what I needed to change. But when I pull up the dialog, all check boxes are ticked… which certainly does not reflect the file permission now.

    The normal behaviour would be to show the permissions set now.

    If there are multiple files selected with different permissions the normal behaviour is to show the permissions that are in common with all the files, and show any other permissions that are set BUT VARY between files in gray.

    Would be great to have this behaviour in BC4.


    I note the help file says the above behaviour is what should happen… but clearly it doesn't convey this in my situation.

    How are DOS permissions carried across and reflected on Mac file systems and the attributes dialog in particular???

    If a file is DOS read-only for example, does that mean the OWNER RWX, GROUP RWX or OTHER RWX permissions are set as read-only???
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    Thanks for the feedback. Digging into this, it looks like FAT32 devices with Read-Only (Windows) files get the OSX "Locked" attribute. BC4 does not currently expose this attribute, but we'll look into adding support for it. In the meantime, in Finder if you right click a file and Get Info, you can enable or disable Locked to impact if the file is marked as Read-Only.
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