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Large folder copy, order goes random

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  • Large folder copy, order goes random

    Copying 195K files between two USB attached drives using folder compare.
    I expanded all folders, marked the entire left side and then started the copy with show differences selected.

    As expected the files displayed start scrolling upward as the first files are copied in order and no longer different, so they are hidden from the display.

    Looking at activity monitor notice all CPU's running at 60-70% (Core I5 Mac Mini) so I switch to all files view, the scrolling stops as expected and CPU drops down because BC4 is not rapidly updating the folder views.

    Flip back to diffs again because I like watching the files get copied (sad I know) and then back to all files before I go to bed - to reduce stress on the processor overnight, less power etc.

    This morning there are about 30K files to go but the order has become random - BC4 is picking files in a random looking way from the remaining 30K files. Whilst this doesn't matter too much - I can no longer reliably see where it has got to by flipping back to diffs. I prefer the former behaviour of going sequentially through the selection, as it started this way I think it might be a bug?

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    BC4's selection of which files to copy is not necessarily a folder view/top down progression. It can very depending on how the queue was constructed and the folder structure. The progress bar at the bottom of the pane is the indicator, with estimated time, etc. Generally enhancing our feedback is on our wishlist.

    What kind of GPU do you have? This could have an impact on our redrawing of the display when you have Show Differences enabled.
    Aaron P Scooter Software