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BC4 with Tortoise HG 3.0.1

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    I think I figured out how to get it working for you. For that version on OSX, change the "diff" command to be "bcomp1" from bcomp, and change the merge to "bcomp2" from bcomp. And, be certain to fully shut down TortoiseHG and then restart the application to apply the changes.

    I've seen a similar problem with specific versions of Git, where bcomp became a keyword in the configuration for a specific OS, but caused problems with the other OS distributions. Hopefully 3.1.1 updates and works with built-in support soon. If not, we'll need to update our instructions.
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      Same problem here : home screen, no comparison shown

      Hi, I have exactly the same problem.I tried to modify the order of the sections in hgrc with no success. Did you succeed last year ?

      Originally posted by MrMetric View Post
      I'm having the same issue as the OP so I thought I would revive this thread...
      Here are some of the specifics:
      Beyond Compare (and have run command line install): Version 4.0 beta (build 18746)
      TortoiseHG: 3.1
      Platform: OSX 10.9.4

      Error description:
      Right click on a file that has been changed. Select 'Diff to Parent'. Expected result is to have BeyondCompare open and load the two versions of the file, highlighting the differences. Actual result is that BeyondCompare opens to the 'Home' screen without seeding the two files at all. In the left frame is the 'Sessions' droplist and in the main section is the selector to compare Folders, Merge, Sync, etc.

      I have tried numerous different configuration setups in Tortoise but none seem to work. My current file is based on the suggestions contained in this thread, which mirror those in the consolidated thread as well.

      The pertinent sections of the .hgrc file are as follows:
      username = <<redacted>>
      verbose = True
      merge = bcomp
      editor = /Applications/
      vdiff = bcomp
      extdiff =
      fetch =
      strip =
      rebase =
      reviewboard = <<redacted>>
      cmd.bcomp = /usr/local/bin/bcomp
      opts.bcomp = -ro
      bcomp.executable = /usr/local/bin/bcomp
      bcomp.args = $local $other $base $output
      bcomp.priority = 1
      bcomp.premerge = True
      bcomp.gui = True
      I have tried commenting out opts.bcomp, changing the path to the App, removing the [merge-tools] section (I was desperate), etc. None of these made much of a difference.




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        Are you using the "bcomp" keyword for bcomp.executable = etc? As I mention in the previous post, some verisons of TortoiseHG have trouble using specific keywords, so you can get around this by using any other word, such as bcomp1 or bcomp2.

        Also, in my testing, it was very important to fully shut down TortoiseHG between any setting changes, and be certain it was not running as a process in the background. Until a restart of the app, it would use the original cached settings.
        Aaron P Scooter Software