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Mac Text Compare on two RTFs help?

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  • Mac Text Compare on two RTFs help?

    Hello, I've got two .rtf text files that are similar.

    1) When I use text compare, I notice down the bottom it says "Editing Disabled." The option "Full Edit" is ticked- how exactly can I combine the two sources?

    2) If it can combine parts, will the formatting be kept the same as the originals? (eg there are headings and subheadings)

    Perhaps i'm misunderstanding what BeyondCompare will do for me. I've using v4.0 beta.

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    The .rtf support is currently read-only because we don't support the conversion back into the .rtf format. We're comparing plain text versions of your files, so we disable editing to prevent a loss of formatting when saving back (your #2 point).

    The Full Edit button is a toggle used to help BC navigation flip between a BC2-like mode (disabled) and the BC3/Text Editor-like mode (enabled). When disabled, no edits can be made in the main pane, even for regular text files, and it is useful for quick comparison/navigation.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Ah! That makes sense.

      My content doesn't have to be rtf, I can probably just convert to another format. Then just copy/paste back to the rtf.

      Which format and way is going to be easiest?


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        Plain text (.txt) would be the easiest for comparing and editing in the Text Compare.
        Aaron P Scooter Software